EMI To Sell The Beatles’ Abbey Road Studios

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A cash strapped EMI is reportedly planning sell The Beatle's Abbey Road Studios where the Fab Four recorded 90% of the albums. Other famous records were recorded there including Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. EMI believes a sale will bring in tens of millions of pounds according to the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. http://entertainment.oneindia.in/music/international/2010/mccartney-abbey-sell-off-170210.html
    This is Paul’s comment on the situation…It is sad that Abbey Road Studios could not make enough money through the concert series they were filming there. Maybe they should think about selling live events, tours or other uses for the space. They could make money on having it as a tourist destination. I know I went to England and had to find it myself; there is not a tour to take you there. Especially with Beatles rockband, the gen-y is really up on the Beatles…Abbey Road should be a music pilgrimage spot as much as Grace Land.

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