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MySpace’s Owen Van Natta Talks About iLike And His 8 Months As CEO

It's easy to dump on MySpace. After all, Facebook and Twitter are experiencing rapid growth and getting the headlines. But I met Owen Van Natta at MidemNet.  I also got to watch him speak and interact with others. His style is guarded – perhaps the result of being part of a huge public global company.  But I'm convinced that he along with the super smart head of MySpace Music Courtney Holt are sincerely developing a plan to reposition and perhaps save MySpace.  He talks a bit about where things are headed including the iLike acquisition in this video interview via TechCrunch.

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  1. MySpace mission statement, February 2010: “Discover, share and showcase content.” Just wanted to note that.
    When I log into MySpace with my music account (2900 “friends”), I see two things: Big money acts filling up the music pages with staff-maintained content and wannabe thug rappers running bots, auto-filling my friends list, bulletins, mail and comments. Then the “thanks for the add” bot generated comments trigger “what it do” replybot comments. When I report bot spam, a MySpace bot sends me instructions on how to block bots. Discover by, share with, showcase to who?

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