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Rejoice! It's Not The End Of The Rickroll Era.

The internet was buzzing and CNet and others were bemoaning the take down of the infamous Rick Astley video that has beem played 30 million times, rejuvenated a forgotten pop star's career and caused the word rickroll to be added to the pop culture dictionary had been taken down on YouTube.

But have no fear, it was all a terrible mistake. "With 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube, we count on our community members to know our Community Guidelines and to flag content they believe violates them,' reads a statement from Google."...Occasionally, an account flagged by users or identified by our spam team is mistakenly taken down. When this is brought to our attention, we move quickly to take appropriate action, including restoring videos that had been mistakenly removed and channels that have been mistakenly suspended."

You may sleep soundly tonight, Hypebot readers, because the Rickster is back.