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Seth Godin: The Exponential Power Of Viral

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Seth Godin recently did a a series of social networking tests. Each curve on the chart represent a different idea and starting points. The yellow curve shows 10,000 fans (Godin calls then faux followers) and an idea that on average nets just .8 new people per generation. That means that 10,000 people will pass it on to 8000 people, and then 6400 people, etc. It doesn't take long for the idea to die out.

The green curve begins with just 100 people, but the idea is more viral and nets a 1.5 net passalong. It doesn't take long before  overtakes yellow. The purple curve represents a an idea that is only slighimage from more viral generating 1.7 passalong and look at the exponential growth. More on Seth's blog.

 Seth Godin's new book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? is being released today. I was lucky enough to read an advance copy and it is truly a must read for anyone who has ever thought about becoming indispensable to their organization. 

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  1. i never thought about becoming ‘indispensable 2 my organization.’ is it 2 late for me? an i already a ‘disposable teen’? [via marilyn manson] do i have 2 press on and make myself a ‘valuable asset’ 2 my company?

  2. What social networking tests did he do exactly? Has he programmed agent based computer simulation models for it? How much of a wild guess is still left in his conclusions, be they biased or unbiased?

  3. I get his newsletter and his posts are always worth looking at, but sometimes when you think about them, they aren’t actionable. They are more like “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.” And sometimes they almost seem contradictory. One day he’ll toss out one approach. A few days later, another. Which is good to give you a new perspective, but then it all comes down to having you do what works best for you anyway.
    I started to watch a long video with him talking about “Tribes” but after awhile I realized there wasn’t all that much info there other than the initial concept that people form into tribes. Godin’s skill has always been marketing and packaging ideas and he continues to do that quite well. But you often need to go beyond his work to get into greater depth.

  4. I have a great respect for Seth Godin. He weaver and organizer of ideas. In a society with a paucity of philosophers, psychology and marketing are fertile areas of exploration. But not every exploration has tangible results.

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