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Terry McBride And The Emotional Power Of Music

Nettwerk Music Group CEO Terry McBride has always been a thinker as we as a successful music entrepreneur. This year his main project is a rejuvenated Lilith Fair tour that will certainly bring back wonderful memories for many.  In this speech at TEDx in Vancouver, Terry explores the emotional power of music and its ability to bookmark moments in our lives that we can return to again and again.

Understanding the power of those moments has sustained substantial careers for the likes of Jimmy Buffett Phish and The Rolling Stones who know what their loyal fans want and give it to them

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  1. I hope this guy is right about the music industry recession coming to an end because I need to keep my job. And I love the point he made about access vs. ownership. But record labels should start their own cloud website instead of partnering with another company and splitting the profits. Something similar to Vevo. The opportunity is there. They dont need Spotify.

  2. Good comments from Terry – but he completely omits US-based services like Rhapsody and Best Buy’s Napster when discussing cloud-based music services and on-demand digital music valets….

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