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The Latest Facebook Music Rumors

Traffic and Facebook is soaring and increasingly artists and music marketers are finding it a great place for social networking with fans.  All this activity and still Facebook does not have its own music service leaving room for a plethora of outside music applications such as iLike to fill the void.

But rumors continue to fly that something is in the planning stages. After all, every major social site has embraced music as a way to attract and retain users. Facebook must be up to something!  The latest rumor was based on a new icon that TechCrunch noticed on some Facebook "Edit Applications" screens.

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But Facebook pointed to a Facebook Music Player app that appears on some Facebook Pages and issued another firm "“We have no plans to launch a music service on Facebook.”

It may seem unthinkable that Facebook is leaving music to outsiders.  But if true, how refreshing it is to see a company that in essence says, "We're going to stick to what we're good at and open up our platform so that others can create great things".

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  1. The idea of Facebook not needing a music strategy is extremely valid and discussed at the lat San Fran Music tech summit. It doesnt seem to be in the scope of their core competencies. I for one don’t really mind it, u can already add music apps to both personal/fan pages.

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