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The Orchard Ups Navin From Interim To Full CEO

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image from Digital distributor The Orchard announced on Monday morning that interim CEO Brad Navin has been appointed Chief Executive Officer and a director of the company.

Navin was selected after Board Chairman Michael Donahue launched a search committee last October when popular long time CEO Greg Scholl left to take a senior executive position heading some of NBC Universal's new media efforts.

From the press release:

I’m thrilled to take on this prestigious position and to continue to
drive marketing and distribution with the best team assembled,” said
Navin. “We’ll remain focused on what we do best: partnering with great
clients, creating strategic marketing plans, and investing in artists
we believe in.”

“With Brad’s more than 14 years of leadership in the industry, six of those with The Orchard, including as Executive Vice President and General Manager, our Board of Directors is confident in Brad’s proven ability to lead The Orchard into the next decade,” said Donahue. “As an accomplished executive who is intimately familiar with The Orchard’s business, Brad is the perfect fit for this role. We’re extremely pleased to have him direct the company.”

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  1. These guys have to be the worst digital music distributor out there. They charge the highest distribution fee and justify it by saying their marketing is the best, which is a overstatement to say the least.
    Tunecore does a much better job for a lot less money, but if you want a relationship with your distributor, IODA is a much better choice.

  2. I could never figure out where The Orchard fits in. It is so old model and obviously just interested in being a stock market play – UGH!!.
    The current scene is all about D.I.Y.
    Got to go.
    It’s that time of the month where I cash in my Tunecore check $$$.
    Tunecore rules.

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