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Warner Nashville Tries Cutting The Album In Half

image from Sales of full albums are falling faster than an Olympic ski racer on an ice covered slope.  And then time between releases can leave too-long gaps in the marketing cycle. 

Warner's Nashville is looking for an answer by dividing Blake Shelton's "Hillbilly Bone" as a "Six Pak," a 6 song album of new material to be released on March 2 followed by another six-song release in August.  Pricing, which could be the key to the experiment's success, is not yet available.

Warner Music Nashville SVP of Sales & Marketing Peter Strickland told Billboard that the Six Pak will enable artists "to deliver music to [fans] on a much more regular basis at a value price package."

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  1. Uggh… is this like Battlestar Gallactica season 3.0 and 3.5?
    Warner, try dropping the price of albums. They’re overpriced.

  2. This is the first NEW ATTEMPT at anything different out of Nashville since I moved here. BRAVO! to one of the BIG STUPID LABELS HERE. NOW GO GET YOUR LIFE JACKETS ON…Change or die, baby.. This month country radio seminar, try not to screw that up again..PLEASE!!!

  3. they made an announcement about an EP. ha ha ha. please stop signing artists and just act like the dumb pipe for catalog hits that you are.

  4. WOW. an EP? what? NEVER heard of one of those before, this is SO revolutionary. I’m just so baffled.

  5. whooosh … what was that? was it a bird?… nope. was its a 6-pack?…. might be…. was it an EP? yep. … EP? wow now thats cool – thats just the labels needs right now, yes, yes, yes siree that’ll do it for sure, that’ll save ’em….
    OMG what a load of pish.

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