34 Music Bloggers Offer Exposure In 34 Countries

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On the 15th of every month, 34 music bloggers from 34 different countires cross post an identical list of hot bands from their nation along with a description and mp3. This self-titled Music Alliance Pact (MAP) has been coordinated by Scottish music blogger The Pop Cop since 2008 and has thus far thrived completely outside of the for profit music business.

But that doesn't mean that some of the artists featured aren't the benificiary's of increased popularity.  After being featured by MAP bloggers last year, almost unknow Irish duo Holy Roman Army watched kudos pop up across the net and an LA-based music supervisor show interest in buying their track.


"The logic behind MAP is that because each individual blog's regular readers would usually download and listen to the author's recommended songs, they would be more likely to download the MAP songs too, even though their source was another blog entirely", The Pop Cop told The Guardian. "One of the reasons I started MAP was because I was writing about great new Scottish bands to a predominantly Scottish readership, but I wanted to find a way for this music to reach a wider audience."


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  1. I have been downloading these monthly for a few months now, and LOVE this site! I have been introduced to some really great music…Everyone should be exposed to this, it is such a great way to open yourself up to wonderful music from around the world.

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