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Amanda Palmer On Why Social Networking Works

image from "i use it to connect and to peel my brain and emotional landscapes inside out in public during the touring process (and last month, during the recording process). as if my followers are there in the room with me..."

"this is not a style for everybody, but since i’m built to over share, it works for me. you cannot create a formula for why your fans with emotionally relate to you (and therefore bring you income, when you do present them with product), but you can pretty much rest assured that if you’re open and honest, they will come."
"...people crave honesty and authenticity, especially because they know that it’s not manufacturable in a board room of hip indie internet marketing kids trying to pump up a band or an artist, even if all the kids in the board room just graduated art school and have the best of intentions. it has to come from the artist, to the fan. nobody can do it FOR the artist."