Consumers View iPad As Music Device Too

Ipad A comScore survey of consumer attitudes towards e-book readers and the Apple iPad revealed that 38% would use it to enjoy music – a point higher than would use the device to read books. Just 37% of respondents indicated they were “likely” or “very likely” to read books, 9% higher than those who indicated they would be “unlikely” or “very unlikely”.

50% indicated a high likelihood of using the iPad for browsing the net and 40% would do email. More than a third said they would use it for maintaining an address book/contact list (37%), watching videos/movies (36%), storing and viewing photos (35%) and reading newspapers and magazines (34%).

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  1. The only problem I have with the iPad is the fact that is does not allow more than one application at a time. Now I have a G4 computer and it can do many things really well your telling me you can’t. I’m sorry but until they resolve this issue I not getting on. Plus I have not heard about support for flash at all. I don’t see why they don’t just make it a touch screen laptop? without keys. It’s $600.00 I just got a really good laptop for $350.00. and just for the record I’m an apple guy and I have issues. So please lets get it done right.

  2. I don’t know but for me, instead of buying an iPad, just go buy a laptop or something.. It’s still the same. The iPad is too big. And using a laptop makes you do many things.

  3. books no.
    magazines and newspapers, definitely, definitely yes.
    but WSJ read this; I’m not paying more on top of my digital subscription just to read this or use any apps you create for it. I’m paying for the content already i am not paying for you minor R&D costs to develop apps that suck in the content on multiple platforms.

  4. My opinion about the iPad or any electronic device is that you should never go out and buy the 1st generation of any product at all because it will be full of bugs and might not have all the features you want. Always wait for the 2nd generation of a product and compare it to the 1st generation. Take the iPhone as an example. The very first iPhone was absolutely terrible. So many bugs, very slow, and barely any space for media. Then the 3G version arrived and it was considerably better. More space, faster processor, and just better hardware all around. Then the 3GS came out and it is awesome. The point is you should wait for other consumers to buy it and test it first and then when apple releases the 2nd generation iPad, see what they have done to make it better. If it then has what you want and fits your needs, then it is ok to purchase if its really worth it.

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