Digital Growth Offsets CD Decline First Time In UK

image from www.faqs.org Growth in digital music sales in 2009 offset the continuing decline in CD sales for the first time according to UK collection society PRS For Music.

Digital revenues grew 73% (£12.8m) to £30.4m in 2009 as platforms such as Spotify, MySpace Music, Amazon and iTunes expanded. That compared to an £8.7m drop in physical revenues through the year. Total revenues grew 2.6%.

“Last year was the first in which the growth in revenues from the legal digital market compensated for the decline in revenues from traditional CDs and DVDs, although we remain cautious as to whether this represents a true turning point. said Robert Ashcroft, CEO of PRS. "The next decade does, however, promise further growth in earnings from the legal digital market as well as the use of British music overseas."

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  1. Yeah but is it a 1:1 exchange? Are the digital sales translating to money for artists (not that CD sales necessarily did) or to money for the likes of Rhapsody and Spotify?

  2. I wouldn’t pop the corks yet… they have a long way to go. However, if this data remains true, and if the numbers grow throughout the rest of 2010, then musicians (and their labels) very well may have something to celebrate.

  3. By 1:1 do you mean in terms of fidelity? If so it’s pretty silly to take a stance about the “quality” of CD Audio when you remember the fact that compared to vinyl, it’s only a fraction of the resolution.
    Perhaps you mean monetarily, well..CD’s cost money to mass produce in bulk and Digital audio does not so no, it’s not 1:1 there either.
    Incidentally, there are plenty of easily downloaded formats that exceed the fidelity of 16bit 44.1KHz CD Files. There’s even 1 that exceeds that of analog tape and vinyl…DSD which you can check out at our site if you’d like.
    If I had a nickel for every Old School idiot who barked at me that this would never happen I wouldn’t need twitter anymore. But things could have been worse, I could have signed a dark ages contract with one of those people.
    CD’s have always sucked, glad to see them go.

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