eMusic Song Payouts Rise

image from gadgetsteria.com I've often joined the chorus critical of eMusic for a subscription model that leads to far lower per track payouts to artists than the 60-70 cents paid by iTunes, Amazon and others.  But David Farrell of Digital Audio Insider shared some new stats showing that, while still lower, eMusic's per song payments are rising:

  • Q1 2009 30.5 cents
  • Q2 2009 33.4 cents
  • Q3 2009 34.2 cents
  • Q4 2009 39 cents

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  1. It is hard to make everyone happy all the time. Music consumers want their music for free. So, What is emusic to do in order to compete? I understand that artists want to get paid. Your $0.39 per song is still more than the $0.00 per song you get from someone using peer-to-peer.
    Tom Siegel

  2. Agree with Tom here. With so many competing digital music providers its always going to be a very competitive market place, especially in this evolving ‘music for free’ culture.
    Whether is 20c or 70c per track paid to the artist at least the artist gets paid. After all its best to get a small % of something that 100% of nothing.
    The question still remains is what service provider to go with. Probably best to go with all of them. As music fans use multiple ways to search and source for new music.
    Steve Nelson

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