Is eMusic On A Buying Spree?

image from blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com
eMusic is in talks to acquire dynamically priced download store Amie Street as well as all or a portion of Donny Ienner's IMO management, production and tech startup, a source tells Hypebot.  Another source confirmed that Amie Street is in talks with several potential suitors, but would not confirm eMusic's specific interest or if Songza, which Amie Street quietly acquired last year, is part of any negotiations.

How far along eMusic's effort to buy either company is unclear, but plans to expand the company through acquisitions were described as "serious".

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  1. I really hope Emusic doesn’t buy Amie St. They have screwed their own model up royally, shutting out many of us from other countries, and charging way more for songs. But even before that, they had appalling customer service. Impersonal, unprofessional and almost impossible to get satisfactory answers. I’ve had the exact opposite experience with Amie St. Courteous, helpful, personal, thorough customer service – and most importantly, I feel listened to. They have such a unique model. The thought of Emusic getting their greedy, unimaginative, uncaring paws on Amie St makes my stomach churn. Hopefully Amie St will have more sense – or aren’t in trouble.

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