Music’s Top 10 Money Makers

According to Billboard, Music's Top 10 Money Makers in 2010 (which the last time I checked was only 2 months old) are:

  1. image from www.converanet.com U2 $108,601,283
  2. Bruce Springsteen $57,619,037
  3. Madonna $47,237,774
  4. AC/DC $43,650,466
  5. Britney Spears $38,885,267
  6. Pink $36,347,658
  7. Jonas Brothers $33,596,576
  8. Coldplay $27,326,562
  9. Kenny Chesney $26,581,141
  10. Metallica $25,564,234

Read #10-40 here.

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  1. Outside of the Kids — Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift — nobody in the top 10, and very few of the top 40, debuted after 2001.
    A scary number of these performers debuted before 1990, and even back to 1980. One could put together an AARP-themed tour which would make an awful lot of money. 🙂

  2. Definitely true! I think it has a lot to do with who is willing/able to pay hundreds of dollars for a seat — folks who grew up on rock and are now relatively wealthy (the same people buying their kids Miley Cyrus tickets). I recall an article a few years back about how $300+ Rolling Stones tickets were a hot item in the corporate world, for wooing clients and whatnot…

  3. I think the fans of the ‘Heritage’ act, because of their age, are also less likely to illegally download. Web 2.0 has apparently ‘democratised’ the music industry but it is only the bands with deep pockets who can afford to market themselves effectively which let’s face it involves a bit more than a Myspace and Bandcamp page.

  4. Yes, good spot Niels.
    “The ranking covers the one-year period from the first week of 2009 (which ended Jan. 4) through the last tracking week of the calendar year ended Jan. 3”
    A somewhat misleading title on Billboard’s part, but still interesting none-the-less.

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