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I would love to see the clause that covers that in the AI Contract. I'd also love to know if the "contestants" are fully aware of what this really means.

It's a communications gag rule, imposed on individuals, so that a corporation might benefit. Unreal.



AI was probably the best idea the industry had in the last 2 decades. Instead of advancing dozens of artists millions of dollars in the hopes that one blows up, you earn buckets of money putting them on television and letting them duke it out. Once you have a winner, you've already got someone with a massive fan base. You also have a self-selection process for people that are completely star-eyed, so you probably won't have any problem getting them to sign a miserly deal. Now, on top of that, you (try to) jack all the advertising revenue away from social networking sites, as well as control content.

This must feel like shooting fish in a barrel...

Max Willens

I'd bet they're doing this for the traffic.

No Idol contestant is going to bite the hand that's feeding him/her, especially not mid-meal.

Whitney Crosse

That's a bummer, it was cool to tweet with their personal Twitter accounts. Whatever Idol! I'll still tweet and watch!


I don't see this working out for American Idol - even if they're getting more control, the branding opportunity that is lost is enormous. I just hope labels don't get any ideas, it's totally counter productive!



Actually they get paid pretty well considering the actual talent most of them do have, there are a few who are extremely talented, but would never do nearly this well left on their own


The most important is the reviews, I hope Bewersox win

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