Prince Charges Fans For Closed Fan Club

From Our Artist/Fan Relationship Dept.

image from themusictionary.com To Prince, His Purple Majesty, His Royal Badness, The Dick Formerly Known As Prince:

Today, a year after opening your LotusFlow3r club, you charged fans who had requested to cancel their annual memberships another $77. How do I know? Because I am one of them.

Prince, you’ve gotta cut this shit out. I’m a big fan, I drove 15 hours to see you last year. I own all of your albums, movies, and lots of other memorabilia. Yeah, I’m a fan. But would it kill you to treat your fans correctly for once?

…The worst part is, several months ago I sent a request to your support/sales group at LotusFlow3r requesting to cancel my membership. I never received a reply, so I went into the site and changed my credit card information….The best part? As of the time of this writing — your website is actually down, and completely inaccessible.

Part of me wants to hope that you have something bigger planned. But that makes it sound like I’m drinking the purple Kool-Aid..

Sincerely please stop being a giant purple dick,

Steven Anthony Hammock
(via The Daily Swarm)

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  1. I had to read your blog twice. Hard to believe anyone selling anything would charge you to bounce. Prince must be taking a page from mobile carriers. Is the cancellation in the fine print of the terms and conditions?
    I’m really grateful you brought this up. Exactly what’s wrong with the music biz. It’s no wonder fans are seeking alternatives.
    The other part I have trouble comprehending is that you had to pay to be a Prince fan at all. Really Prince? I love your music. Your attitude towards people who put you in a place of honor stinks. May be time to giveaway my raspberry beret.

  2. I believe he has some things to figure out I will always respect him as an artist…I myself am working on my 9 th.c.d. and deserve the fame he has but understand it must be earned…so respect to him and hope his publisist stands up and does the right thing.
    It gives me motivation to do more with my music to see one of the Icons share the same of nuetral gear.
    Daniel Krzykwa the band now known as “Madcap Syndrome”
    A Dance/Techno/Eurodance Experience like no other…

  3. Anyone heard any of the rumors floating around in Vegas that Prince is broke? It’s been rumored here that he canceled his shows at the Rio because he needs both hips replaced and can’t dance anymore. Why do his sites keep going down,and why would it go down after it took $77 from God knows how many people? When was his last live performance,and how well did his Target-only release sell? As they say here in Vegas,it don’t smell right.

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