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AFTRA....they kick you off if you don't earn eanough...No matter how much you dished out in the past.


eanogh...really? WTF is that?


the new health care still sucks


Excited about paying more taxes. No.


Health care is not even in our vocabulary up here in Canada. I get sick, I go to the hospital, give them my health card and get fixed. Annual health care in the U.S. - $2120 (in US dollars) per person
Universal care for EVERYONE in Canada - $917 .
Our companies don't have to get hung up on being health care providers and can just focus on running productive and competitive businesses.

We feel for you Americans. Under the thumb of those unscruplous Health Insurance companies and self serving Republicans.
What!$12,000.00 per year per family - Yikes!
Now I 'm feeling sick. "Where's my health card?"


Health care is good when it doesn't include fines and prison time for those who don't want it.



you can go to prison or be fined for not having auto insurance... whats the difference??

Harvey F

Not until 2014; and by the the politicians will have completely changed everything as there won't be enough dough to pay for the extended coverage.

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