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From the WaTunes blog: "On April 1st, we will begin to takedown all contents from our digital services and will begin to issue royalties from all previous and concurrent months to ensure that your transition with us is smooth, quick, and easy. By June 1st, your albums should be fully removed, royalties issued, and you should already have a new distributor to call home." This is exactly why I still see CD Baby, and maybe TuneCore, as the preferred digital distributor for indies.

Justin Boland

On April 1st? Smart call.

Anyways, this is further evidence for the radically futuristic notion that you can't run a service infrastructure without service fees. Didn't trust WaTunes when they started for that precise reason -- if you're not generating income, you're not seriously in it to begin with. Life costs money!

Kevin Rivers

It is sad that we had to exit out this business. We've worked for years to create a appealing model. Through this transition we hope that everyone enjoyed our services as we move forward to focus on our social platform. We encourage everyone to join WaTunes, share music, and even buy music from personal favorites. There is a lot more coming from us that we hope would be well appealing to the end user.

Thank all for the support.

Kevin Rivers
CEO, WaTunes

Carol Davis

Hi Kevin,
I'd like to talk to you about global distribution of your music titles. Please call me at 213.819.0198 or email me at carolangeladavis@gmail.com

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