YouTube Adds Paid Partner Program For Indie Bands

image from www.wired.com#SXSW – YouTube is using the SXSW 2010 spotlight to expand its YouTube Partner Program to more indie musicians with a Musicians Wanted campaign.  Not every artist will be accepted to the program, but starting today YouTube staffers are on the lookout for more d.i.y. and indie artists for the Partner Program so they can profit from what they've already been doing uploading and promoting their videos. 

"Our goal in all these partner programs is to help people get to that point where they hear the most beautiful words a creative person can hear, which is ‘You can quit your day job,’ YouTube head of music business development Glenn Brown told Wired, “and some of our partners have already done that.”

How To Apply –

An intro video:

Learn a more on the YouTube Musician's Wanted page and apply here.

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  1. I’m really glad to see this happening! The potential for some advertising income (in addition to the obvious promotional use) is a nice incentive to invest some time/money into making a good video…

  2. From what I’ve been told by musician friends… YouTube basically rejects everyone from the program who is truly “indie” and doesn’t already have a large fan following.. so this partnership program is kind of a joke, really..
    maybe it will get better one day

  3. Yeah, I didn’t really like the wording of the eligibility thing, but I can understand where they’re coming from. The advertising on a single view is probably a fraction of a cent, so unless someone is getting tens or hundreds of thousands of views, it’d be hassle for them and a disappointment for the artist…

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