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Kelly Pettit

Sounds fantastic. I'll be checking them out in a months time when my 5th CD is out. Thanks for all your great updates!!

Jon Balls

I'll let someone else try it out first. Tunecore has been great for me.

Christopher Wright

"The service also offers real-time daily sales data, email newsletters and social networking promo widgets."

Hypebot, you got the comparison wrong.

Distribution + email + promo widgets = ReverbNation

Not Tunecore.

Steven Finch

Real Time Daily Sales Data? I dont understand how this is possible. How can they get real time sales data from iTunes or Amazon for example?

The Insider

Met with Believe @ Midem. They receive daily sales data jus like every other aggreggator, every 24 hours (if provided by the service).

daily from iTunes

The only service that provides daily data is iTunes (via their trending reports).


Good to finally see some (potential) quality competition to TuneCore.

The Insider

Thank you!
TRending reports rendered every 24 hours correct? Any word on an ITunes Store API? : )

Marcus Taylor

Very interesting, I used to use Believe Digital and they're an excellent service so I have a lot of faith in this, but whether they can overtake Tunecore in the US.. i'm not so sure, time will tell :)


Hm, did I wake up in an alternate universe without CD Baby? TuneCore seems to get all the attention on Hypebot for some reason. CD Baby has the longest track record of anyone in DIY digital distribution, which I think is a significant factor when choosing a distributor.

Matt Kraatz

That's an important distinction, though ReverbNation is also in physical distribution. It seems like the wheel of retailing is in motion...

Bruce Houghton

CD Baby and ReverbNation are great services for indie and d.i.y., artists and each have their own strengths. But both charge a % for percentage - not a bad thing, just a different model - whereas Tunecore and Zimbalam are both flat fee distributors.

Jed Carlson

I need to correct you.

ReverbNation does NOT charge a % of sales, and never has. Ours is a flat-fee model similar to Tunecore or now Zimbalan.

Jed Carlson
Co-Founder, COO, ReverbNation.com


Actually, www.dittomusic.com make artists chart eligible in the US, as well as just distributing them.
Something both stores seem to have missed

Rocke On

Thanks for running the press realease/ I mean news article, about Zimbalam. I too am wondering why there is such an editorial slant here with respect to Tunecore. Let's get some transparency - I wonder if Tunecore is a sponsor of this periodical - whose independence I am starting to question. Enough of Tunecore already. The way you ignore CDBaby in your articles amazes me - something is wrong with this picture. Your legitimacy is of concern to me when I see an article like this. I just picked up this article via a google alert I have on digital distribution. But god what an incomplete article. By the way, where do you get your stats that Tunecore is the "sector leader" - from Tunecore? Yeah I really trust them allright.

Bruce Houghton

Neither Tunecore nor Zimbalam are sponsors. I did not write about CD Baby - a service which I like very much - because it is not a flat fee distributor.


there are no reasltime sales data on most services! this is just wrong!


Thanks for reminding me guys. Time to cash my Tunecore check.

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