Earth Day 2010: Take The Clean Concert Pledge

I took the Clean Concert pledge. CleanConcert.org

I took the Clean Concert pledge. CleanConcert.orgThe Clean Concert Pledge is designed to help change the concert-goers trash mentality by asking them to make a simple promise, "I will leave no trash on the ground at outdoor concerts and will encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same". Ben Coe of music management and marketing innovators The Artist Farm was saddened by seeing trashed concert grounds and created the pledge and web site.

Take 30 seconds and take the Clean Concert Pledge right now. If you're an event promoter, artist, or manager you can help spread the word with graphics you can find on the site's front page.

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  1. Bruce — is there anyone in the ecosytem with enough clout and control to make this happen? Everyone in the industry has a vested interest in just making it through the next fiscal year, who is going to invest in new infrastructure and methods now? This just seems utterly toothless, and given how involved you are it just seems like you wouldn’t take this seriously either. What am I not getting?

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