Guvera Launches Quietly In U.S.

image from c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.comAd supported music service Guvera entered public beta yesterday, but without many of its key features including activated. The site went live in Australia, where the company is based, several weeks ago.

When its fully operational, Guvera's model goes beyond the "watch an ad and get a download" model by engaging the user more deeply and only with brands that they are likely to have interest in. Thus, registration for Guvera begins with a fairly lengthy questionnaire that identifies the users age, address and interests.

Universal and EMI as well as a number of indies have signed on to provide content. No brands were visible on the site as of this morning, but a number of major advertisers are reported to be on board for the full launch.

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  1. According to their current (as of this morning) Terms & Conditions:
    “The Service may only be accessed and used by individuals who are present in Australia. If you are not present in Australia, please do not attempt to use the Service or attempt to create an account.”

  2. This site is a epic failure in its current state.
    The biggest thing they did wrong, THEY created something entirely new. Black & red text heavy ugly website, ignoring all the great ideas & inovations of Itunes & instead gave their uses a text heavy website that makes you feel lost in the sea of bad songs and artists you don’t like.
    1. The name is terrible nobody can spell or remember it. try telling a friend and watch how fast they forget the name.
    2. The site has very limited bands labels and of the bands they do have grants to give music away for free the “good” songs are not online. They have 100’s of R.E.M songs, But every popular hit song from R.E.M on Itunes is not available on Guvera. I don’t want 100+ crap R.E.M songs that nobody wants I want the HIT songs & singles!
    3. It takes 15 mins to signup and fill out all the personal questions about “name, address, location, what sports you like”, “what tv shows you watch”, etc
    4. The biggest thing they have done wrong, NO top lists, no fun way of surfing around and finding music like Itunes has, no “hip hop”, R&B, pop, rock categories at all! NO WAY OF SORTING THE MUSIC to find anything good.
    4. The search function is terrible type in “genesis” and you get “GENESIS: INVOCATION Minneosta Orchestra and Chorale; Edo de Waart”. With GENESIS the band I wanted not even on the first page.
    Pity it was rushed to market as it won’t win over many people with a bad catelog and badly designed website interface.
    It is a chore to find music you like on their service, that is the thing they need to fix first ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE!

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