Hypebot Revisited: The Best of Bylin’s Essays Pt. 2

Kyle Bylin, Associate EditorNote taking

Aside from the two interviews I’ve published since my essay on MusicDNA, you’ll have to excuse my absence, as I’ve been working on a number of ideas that finally developed into a series of essays.  It all started with a simple question as to whether or not taste in music was developing at a much faster pace for those who were born digital than it would’ve for previous generations.  And, well, as you might imagine, that not so simple question developed into many more complicated questions.

Then a week turned into a month, and here we are.  To speed the creative process along and get some much needed help, I reached out to Refe Tuma over at Creative Destruction.  He was able to help me refine my insights, add in his own, and do some collaborative editing.  On Monday, be on the lookout for the first essay in this series called:  The Barriers of Music Consumption: Past and Present.  But, until then, here’s a look at some of my older essays:

Trapped In Cognition: The Plight of the Digital Age
Moral Panics and Music Journalism
The Fate of a Format: Will MusicDNA Catch On?
Song Stories: A People’s History of Popular Music

A Tale of Two Industries: What Do Books and Music Have In Common?
The Elsewhere Musician: Making Connections in a Fragmented World
Interchangeable Identities: The Collision of Culture, Technology, and Self
Music as Commerce: Understanding a Mindset
The Language of Tribes: True Fans and Outsiders
Hypebot Revisted: The Best Of Bylin's Essays
The Digital Dilemma: Finding a Path to Salvation
Minds for the Future: Why Digital Immersion Matters
Why We Write Hypebot:  A Look Inside Our Heads

Selling Sex: The “Other” Shiny Plastic Disc Business

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