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Indie Labels March On Washington This Week

The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM), as a part of The Recording Academy's "Grammys On The Hill" event, will lead a delegation to Capitol Hill this week to advocate for a slate of issues of crucial importance to the independent music community.

image from A2IM President Rich Bengloff and Vice President Jim Mahoney will be joined by a group including A2IM board member Portia Sabin of Kill Rock Stars ( Please tell me it will say that on her name tag! ) and representatives from ADA, Altissimo Recordings, Mack Avenue, Pandora, TAG Strategic, and Tommy Boy.

Key issues for the lobbing effort include:

  • The proposed Performance Rights Act, especially as it relates to the lack of international reciprocity for independent labels — meaning that indies are unable to collect royalties due in territories outside the U.S. as payable by over the air radio stations in those territories.
  • Continued copyright protection and IP concerns and the need for government enforcement of copyright, especially for user generated online content.
  • Pending legislation and FCC policy on broadcast spectrum allocation that could seriously affect musical productions.
  • Government support for the arts on the world stage enabling greater export of U.S. repertoire, to level the playing field with other countries that have robust financial and logistical support, and to aid U.S. artists who create music and the music labels that invest in that creation to market our homegrown musical talent abroad.
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  1. Sorry to say I would stop worrying about royalties from recordings. Honestly make your money on playing your music. Teachers don’t record their lessons on CD and then just sit back and let students listen to them (that is unless you’re doing self help CD’s and then yes I’m sure your late night investment of three easy payments of 19.95 will definitely prove beneficial) Normal people in america get paid by showing up to work. Let people play your content for free and allow them to become fans at no charge. guaranteed if your good they’ll come to your show because you can’t download those.

  2. I agree with the above comment. Do you want to be just like mainstream music? It will only cause your fans to seek out bands that don’t mind being downloaded for free.

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