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Justin Boland

Interesting twist, sounds like an awful lot of administrative work lining up the sponsors but once they've got critical mass it should be quite an interesting experiment.

As a frequent Torrent user, that search experience is also chock-full of advertising, and 0% of that revenue is going to artists so that's a step up. (Unless they don't have what people are searching for, in which case that's a step backwards.)

This was a good read, usually the startups getting featured here are adorably doomed, but this has a definite chance of living up to at least 50% of their hype.

Donald von Fabio

I played around in their beta the other day. the advertising is very intrusive. Think full page ad with a music player hidden somewhere on the page. The navigation for finding songs is not intuitive. The limited number of artists currently in their beta is minuscule. Solution: don't launch until you have a sizable amount of artists. They have failed to accurately tell their story in the pre-beta press. I was going in thinking it was on demand streaming, aka US spotify. In reality, its a one track at a time BitTorrent. It's myspace in a world of facebooks.

They should rework their messaging in the press, explaining to readers, like in this article, that its ala cart downloading NOT streaming (don't forget, they are fighting the hype of a US spotify launch & the TBD on Apple's move with LaLa streaming service).

They need to sign up a helluva lot more current artists.

They need to redesign the site layout so that the player is the prominent focus and not the full page ad the player rests on.

And ... make a demo video on youtube explaining how their service works! VERY EASY.


What we’ve presented to the advertiser is, first of all, because we know who our members are, you can say “I want to only pay for music to be downloaded by 25-30-year olds in Brisbane,"

Isn't facebook enough for demographic targeting?

Justin Boland

I'm under the impression nothing is currently "enough" for demographic targeting. Hence the ongoing discussions and endless efforts to build a better sheep-trap.

Who is really 100% satisfied with their campaigns?

Andrew McMillen

Thanks for the feedback on this interview guys.

I 'road tested' the service for Australian website Mess+Noise. Results here: http://www.messandnoise.com/articles/3917613

Claes Loberg

time to re-road test guys.
www.guvera.com - relaunched this week with great browse pages, easy find, interactive playlists etc.

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