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(UPDATED) I first learned about the Musicians For Music 2.0 proposed venture fund on Duncan Freeman's IndieMusicTech blog.  As the founder of music analytics firm Band Metrics, Duncan is no stranger to the rigors of ongoing fundraising.

Musicians For Music 2.0 hope to fund music discovery web sites and technologies with the help of already successful musicians. After all, who knows better than musicians how disruptive and yet empowering the shifts in the music business have been. Founder Charles McEnerney (Well Rounded Radio) is using a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs to print and ship presentations to 25+ musicians to ask for their initial investment, and he's just a few dollars away from his $1000 goal. 


I don't know if this idea is a real winner or not, but I love the idea that we - musicians and the industry - can help fund some of the sites and technologies shaping our future. So I threw in a buck this morning; and if you guys don't put him over the top today I may have to. Invest here.

A video overview: