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Study: Online Music Video Viewing Habits

A new TubeMogul Brightcove study of online music video viewing habits found the following:

  • image from GOOGLE RULES: 76% of online music videos viewed on artist and label
    sites are found through Google searches.
  • TWITTER LEADS TO ENGAGEMENT: consumers that find online music videos via Twitter watch an average of
    2:30 minutes per stream compared to the 1:30 minutes viewed on average
    by consumers discovering online music videos via search engines like
  • VEVO DELIVERS: Based comScore and TubeMogul DATA, in January alone
    VEVO had around 226 million video views, while individual artist and
    label websites accounted for around 25 million views. Over the past
    three months, the artist and label websites have an aggregated run rate
    of around 23 million video views per month.
  • THINK GLOBALLY: the majority of online music video views are occurring in the U.S. (40%), followed by Japan (10%), UK (9%) and Germany (3%).

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