Trade Your Fans On Headliner.fm For New Ones

The concept of trading gigs with another band – say in another city – is nothing new.  But what about trading fans? Headliner.fm encourages artists to promote their peers on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter in exchange for return promo to their fan networks. Headliner.fm’s platform is designed to keep the trades targeted and even; so the artist is assured of getting as good as their giving. 

image from headliner.fm There are certainly other successful examples of “if you like X, you’ll probably like Y” music marketing. Look at what Fall Out Boy has done with it’s Ning powered Friends Or Enemies site and community.   Of course, like a band that blasts out too much unwanted info, overuse of Headliner.fm has the potential to cause fan burnout. But used wisely, it seems like another worthy tool in the artist marketing toolbox.

Watch a Headliner.fm intro video:

headliner.fm Sizzle Reel from headliner.fm on Vimeo.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE headliner.fm I find it incredibly useful and everyone I’ve turned onto it finds it enjoyable to create promotions and promote through other bands. Think about it, I spent $2.88 to reach 10,000’s of NEW fans that I didn’t have yet. No where else on the internet can you promote so inexpensively. Think about it…. for only $5/month, you get to promote to 100,000 fans/month that you DON’T have already!!!! I grew my following on Twitter from under 1000 to almost 3000 in 1 week. It’s all about the message you create and how crafty you are with your promotion. Not to mention, you can potentially get discovered through Headliner.fm if a signed artist/group’s label sees the promotion.
    2 HUGE thumbs up!

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  3. this platform is one of the most useless self-flagellating pieces of spambot crap i’ve ever seen. twitter search for “headliner.fm” and take a look at the amount of spam posts that your “fans” have had to endure in the past 24 hours.

  4. Not convinced – seems like its a scam to make money out of desperate bands rather than a genuine networking site. When will people realize a good idea will eventually make money because it will become popular. Charging people to buy success just doesn’t work in this day and age.
    The first comment above is clearly from someone promoting the site.

  5. Have you tried using headliner? if so please send me your user name and password so I can look into your promotions.

  6. Let me know if you have used Headliner. I think you will find it a useful tool to help promote your band. You can promote your band for free by accepting promotion offers no money is necessary.
    Let me know how we can help out.

  7. Hi, My name is Nick and I am one of Headliner’s employees. I would like to clarify a couple of misperceptions regarding Headliner that I see in this comments section.
    In response to Hypebot Hater- messages don’t go out from Headliner unless they are specifically accepted by users. We are an exchange that enables bands to send messages to one another and in turn send those messages on to their fans. We are not advertisers and do not send anything out against anyone’s will.
    In response to Robins comments- It is not necessary to pay to use Headliner. There is no cost associated with signing up and it is possible to earn Band Bucks simply by accepting offers from other bands. It is also possible to purchase Band Bucks via paypal, however that does not mean it is mandatory. Most users on our site do not pay us anything.
    If anyone has any questions regarding Headliner I would be happy to answer them my email is Nick@headliner.fm

  8. Very nice post! I wasn’t aware that Headliner.fm even existed, hehe.
    Only one question though. I joined the site and all, but does it work better for North American or English speaking languages only?
    I’m not sure it would work for me, since I live in Brazil and most of my fans are from Brazil.
    I’ll give it a try.

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  10. Headliner is the truth. If you are an emerging artist, a multiplatinum artist, or someone who just cut a demo, headliner.fm is the greatest way to promote your music with people who actually care. I’ve used headliner.fm for both Superstars and new comers and have had an amazing success rate at both levels. If you are not using headliner you are behind the times!!!!

  11. I love this service. I work at a record label and we use it for our bands 3OH!3, Anarbor, Anthony Green, The Downtown Fiction, Envy On The Coast, and many others. It’s a great way to feed news to fans of music that may not follow our bands.

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