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A Graphic Look At Shift In Smartphone Platforms

Which smartphone platforms should your website be optimized for? Which platform should you develop for first for that hot new band app your planning?  It's a shifting landscape, and some pundits say the uptick in Android usage comes from a Verizon 2 for 1 promo. Whatever the reasons, here's where things stand now courtesy of Exo via Fast Company.

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  1. From personal experience I can tell you that I’m waiting to buy a new phone until the new iPhone comes out. My guess is I’m not alone in waiting, which might have an impact on the diminishing iPhone sales. My guess is, once the “4G/HD/whatever they’re going to call it” comes out, you’ll see a noticeable spike.

  2. There are probably also just as many people like me waiting for new Android phones before jumping as well.
    The Android OS is moving through updates so fast at the moment that a lot of current phones kind of feel like “betas” which may or may not get upgrades to the newer OS versions as they are released. So there can be quite a lot of early-adopter sting in buying an Android right now which would be causing a lot of potential purchasers to hold off.

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