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Is the list of Top Ten retailers from the NPD study available without infringing on NPD's proprietary report?

I'm just curious. Target isn't mentioned; NPD listed them as a Top Ten CD retailer a few years back. Most of the other former Top Ten music retailers not mentioned here are either closed, or making slashing cuts to the remaining CD stock.

Does eMusic measure at all?


I'm still surprised Amazon's share hasn't risen more than that. There's little reason not to buy from them and one huge reason to - better prices and better deals. Apple knows this is an issue and the way they responded to amazon's mp3 daily deal was to try and stop it rather than having deals of their own. That's why I'll stick with Amazon and hopefully others will as well. I track their daily mp3 deal with the following site and google gadget that lets you preview/listen and track the deal real easily - http://www.frugalgadgets.com/amazon-mp3-daily-deal.php

http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=http://www.frugalgadgets.com/AmazonMP3DailyDeal/AmazonMP3DailyDeal.xml">http://www.frugalgadgets.com/AmazonMP3DailyDeal/AmazonMP3DailyDeal.xml">http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=http://www.frugalgadgets.com/AmazonMP3DailyDeal/AmazonMP3DailyDeal.xml (google gadget)

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