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Anthony V

This is incorrect: Buzz Media sells ads on The Hype Machine, but does not own the company.

Peter Kafka

They don't own RCRD LBL, either. http://twitter.com/pkafka/status/15121760202

Ryan Holiday

You really owe everyone a clear and emphatic correction Bruce. Particularly because your assertion that this somehow threatens their editorial independence was based on this mistaken interpretation.

Sarah Zupko

Buzzmedia does not own PopMatters. PopMatters remains wholly independently owned and operated. Buzzmedia will be selling ads on PopMatters


Buzzmedia doesn't own Concrete Loop either. It's a unique partnership.

kim kardashian

semantics aside, buzz media is certainly homogenizing the cultural capital of these once virile, independent establishments.

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Wow, awesome tips here. And dang do the tips go on and on! Definitely something I’ll set some side aside and dig into.

Bruce Houghton

Thanks for all the info, tips and comments; and my apologies for adding to the confusion. I've published a full update and explanation here: http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2010/06/update-story-behind-buzzmedia-the-music-blogs.html


A lot of money must have gone in to this deal and it will surely pay rich dividends soon. music industry is growing rapidly and sky is the limit here

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