Can The Music Industry Find It’s Popcorn?

image from popcornboxes.net In the 1930's and 40's during what we in the U.S. refer to as the Great Depression, movie theaters wanted to find new ways to get patrons to part with their increasingly difficult to earn dollars. The solutions proved to be double features, air conditioning (an idea borrowed from the meat industry) and most successfully popcorn. Not only was popcorn a low cost, high profit item that people loved. And just as importantly, it made then thirsty and willing to pay for a soft drink.

A new Forrester Research podcast series "Find Your Popcorn, Monetizing Content In The Digital Age" by analyst Nick Thomas exploring new ways to build revenue around content in the digital age.  It's part of a broader Forrester research project which I suspect will at least include music tangentially.

What is the music industry's popcorn?

I explored that question in a new post on the MidemNet blog: Can We Find Our Popcorn?

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