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Imogen Heap: "So expensive to tour!"

Is Another Source of Income Shrinking?

Touring was supposed to be the savior of music. Live concerts are something fans can't download, the story went, and thus will provide a reliable source of artist income to offset slumping profits from recorded music sales.  But while some artists do still make their livings from live performances, it's not always the panacea that some would have you believe.

At least that's what UK artists Imogen Heap, a successful artist by most measures, told her fans in a short series of tweets earlier this week.

image from "So expensive to tour! Just had a rather depressing meeting with tour manager. Record sales low (across the industry) really impacting me."

"Sad truth is touring US especially such a monopoly. Audience end up paying double ticket price to the venue @Seattle_D. Huge mark up."

"This may be the last tour in a while. A bit emotional. Ugh. Not easy keeping afloat in this climate!"