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Introduce Yourself To The Hypebot Community

It's become a tradition for Hypebot to host occasional online holiday networking parties.  For those readers outside the U.S., this time it's Memorial Day Weekend and the music business here shuts down here for three days. (F.Y.I. Hypebot will be publishing, though on a bit lighter schedule.)

This is one of those days when many of us are tied to our desks, but have no desire to do any real work.  So as a constructive solution to the pre-holiday work day blahs...


In the comments section below, tell us a little about yourself, what you're working on and what excites you (PG-13 only).  Include links that you think might be of interest to others and I suggest adding your name and email or some way that other Hypebot readers interested in collaborating can find you. Shameless plugs are allowed.

Don't be shy. Tell us about yourself...