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This is the kind of thing that makes me just *headdesk* about the music industry. I can't even believe we're still HAVING this discussion! Streaming should have been resolved 3 years ago already.

I do have some sympathy for labels/artists about the present pricing. IT IS TOO LOW. No question about it. However, as a consumer, if I legally purchase a DRM-free .mp3, I'm extremely wary of setting any legal precedent whereby I *cannot* use it in any manner in which I see fit - so long as I don't distribute it.

Realistically, streaming prices are going to have to go up, and I think even consumers see this, but I still think a subscription model is going to end up being the best way to go. The only reason they haven't been successful so far is because nobody has had an awesome business model.

Alan Russell

Isn't the discussion a bit late? Look at what Spotify are bringing out in the latest update. A lot of hype is being made about the social features (ie integration with Facebook and Twitter) but they've also added the ability to import your own music files. Cloud-based music services are already here.

Daniel "Danny Dee" Aguayo

all those DRM arguments give me a headache.


Liz -- how can you say prices are too low and will go up, when in fact, not enough people are buying? Streaming on demand services have simply not caught on in the States precisely because the price was too high. Now Rhapsody has lowered its price to $10/month for use on multi platforms, and I think it might have a chance.

As to buying music, we the consumers were price gouged for years with a typical price of $19 for a CD. With Amazon's excellent prices for mp3 albums, I am buying like never before. But if the price is raised, I will spend less. Keep prices low. That is the key.

Paul Kamp

Apple could also wait for the result of the MP3Tunes case and then launch.

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