May 4th – A Day To Fight DRM

Support of today's

Day Against DRM is more important than ever.

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It's an attractive notion to think that DRM is dead in music. In so many senses music is more portable than ever.  But it's also important to remember that labels are still asking download retailers to tag each song with an identifier when sold or that those same labels don't believe the portability should extend to an online music locker. And that's just the start…

Apple is famous for its closed ecosystems. But a practice that once felt like ease of use for the consumer is beginning look a lot like a Steve Jobs led dictatorship. Privacy concerns on Facebook and most social networks are growing exponentially. 

Learn more and take action here.

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  1. Oh great. Another anti-artist stance.
    Come on, everyone. Can the music industry be any dumber giving away music.

  2. yes, they could try to prevent new bands from getting any air-play and stopping people listening to stuff online, they would not otherwise have heard about. its not anti-artists, its anti-cry-baby. if the music is good, people will buy it, its a fact that is proven time and time again! but dumbass record companies and people like you just dont want to listen!

  3. the genie is out of the bottle…why do the powers that be really think they can stop it?
    I suppose they know they cant and are just squeezing the last bit of control they have for the time being.

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