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Suzanne Lainson

I think the the Heap article is one of the most important I have seen all year. She's been held up as an musician doing everything right, so when she can't make it work, we know it's going to be a tough road ahead.

Of course, many of us have already known that, but when we've tried to say that, we've been told (often by people with no real music experience) that artists who aren't making it just haven't switched gears fast enough or just aren't talented enough.

I'm hoping the Heap article injects some realism into music biz discussions now.


I read that with interest too. It echoes what came out at the 'Future Of Music Debate' we had at the O2 here in London a month or so ago. The much maligned (in certain quarters) Jeremy Silver from the FAC said that the only people really benefitting from the resurgence of the 'live scene' are the people selling out arenas for 10 nights on the trot anyway.

The trickle down to your average pub/club band is not happening unless you're really on top of your promotion and merch and all the rest of it.....and that's on a good night.

Regardless it is an uncomfortable reality check to see someone perceived to be at Imogen's level (with all the attendant 'new media' endeavours) still struggling.

You could be forgiven for thinking that music no longer has any inherent financial value at all, recorded or live. First the 'product' and now the 'experience'.

So, what happens when all the creatives get day jobs? And, what happens to everyone in film and tv? They will be next right?

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