MusikPitch Responds To Complaints, Revises Terms

MusikPitch, which facilitates custom song commissions for film, TV and individuals, launched last week to a mini-storm of controversy over terms which required the writers of chosen songs to transfer ownership to the startup. One Hypebot reader called the terms and conditions, "blatantly predatory, preying on emerging artists".

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To their credit, MusikPitch responded quickly and has fundamentally changed the way they are doing business providing more transparency and options that protect the songwriter. "In direct response to community feedback, we have officially changed our licensing model," a MusikPitch spokesperson told Hypebot.

New Terms & Conditions

Under the new terms contest holders will have the choice of three licensing agreements. All agreements will be between the songwriter and contest holder with MusikPitch taking no ownership.

  • The new agreement options include exclusive and non-exclusive licenses; in addition, contest holders may submit their own licensing agreement.
  • Songwriters can review the contracts before uploading their work into competitions. 

"We appreciate the feedback – the good, the bad, and the ugly. And we sincerely hope these changes address the concerns." concluded the spokesperson.

Read the new terms and conditions here.

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  1. Yeah, this is much better. Kudos for being on top of things and intelligent about it.

  2. This is what every company should be like. Imagine if the whole industry was this responsive and accomodating to the artist? Well done Musikpitch.

  3. Thank you, Bruce, for the call and for caring, and thank you MusikPitch for being awesome and listening!

  4. Pretty scary that artists just signed over the rights to their hard-worked songs.
    Artists need to know and understand copyright laws, and how easy it is to have musical rights parted from the original artist.
    Look at michael jackson , unfortunately when he died, a very small portion of his entire song portfolio was actually owned by him. The music world is VERY quick to find new ways to monetize……look at viacom and the youtube suits.

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