Ohm Brings Recording Studio Collaboration Online

Ohm Studio joins Indaba Music in enabling musicians to find each other and make music online regardless of their disparate locations. It opens up the possibility of some amazing collaborations like this week's Indaba contest that offers collaboration with Peter Gabriel. Here's a sneak peak at Ohm Studio, which is currently in beta.

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  1. Similar to what Michael Robertson pointed out at SF Music Tech Summit last Monday. Here we are 10 years later and nothing has really changed.
    Rocket Networks came out with this in the late 90’s and musicians were not willing to pay.
    This is great as long as musicians and content creators are willing to pay.
    We have become to used to everything being free.
    I wish the best for OHM Recording and hope there is a different outcome this time around.

  2. pretty dope…
    only suggestion would be that if somebody actually thought this technology wasn’t available (b/c of all the allusions to the future), they might not stick around for the end…

  3. I’ve been “virtually collaborating” with producers in the UK for over 3 years now. I think it’s best to find a producer that you like and go from there. Since most people have their own recording platforms (Logic , ProTools etc) I think it’s easier plus you can give the producer ideas via email let them work their magic.BUt I guess this might be fun…for some. I guess if you could work w/ Peter Gabriel…well, that’s a whole different story:)

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