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Overheard #NARM – “New Music Biz Is Down & Dirty”

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  • "The most important thing you can do (above music even) is create a great story; story sells, create context" Tom Silverman,Tommy Boy, New Music Seminar
  • "Deluxe packages can work better online/direct-to-fan, but standard CD packaging doesn't work as well in that channel".
  • "Indie record stores still the best place for in-store appearances by artists." – Andy Kotowicz
  • "Biggest problem w/artists & labels is they don't have their act together in terms of metadata." Konny Zsigo 
  • "Access trumps ownership!" – Ted Cohen 
  • "New music biz is down & dirty: record inexpensively, use social media, collect emails, post to itunes, tour cheap, flip videos."

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  1. Agree with Tommy that a great story sells, its a must to keep things going. But its not above the music. Great music, as impossible as it is to predict its commercial success, comes before the story. Plenty of great stories with out the music to back it have come and gone. But we’ve seen great music just succeed on its own without an intial story… Fleet Foxes, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver all happened with out a “story” initially. Music was just good and touched people.

  2. This was a great panel to be on. Everyone up there was on their game and I thought collectively the advice given was very helpful to the audience. Lots of great comments coming out of NARM in general. It’s a solid conference and of course, A2IM rocks. I’m glad to be affiliated!

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