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Overheard #SFMusicTech “Why Work With Labels?”

image from somafm.comBy all accounts yesterday's SF Music Tech gathering was filled with the usual stream of cutting edge ideas and information.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  • @indiequick: Best question of the day: "Why work with record labels?"
  • @BenFolds: “10 years ago we all seemed to know what was coming next and that is why it came to an end.”
  • @ZSAZSAINC: "Take away from #SFMusicTech Summit Music Marketing – According to NYU study, Artists who blog sell 3X as much product as those who don't."
  • @mmasnick: "Michael Robertson says record labels are failing due to 10 years of not innovating & killing off innovators.
  • @SCRehearsal: "I put my money on Tim Westergren @pandora to save the music industry and indie artists.
  • @rhizomatic: "The more you are on twitter, the higher you are on the Google."
  • Dan Scheinman from Cisco: "What's next (in music) is out there. It's not that far away."

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