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Steven Finch

Its a shame, but conversions just arent there at the moment. Plus artists can now get their music onto Last.fm directly and earn revenues, so why go through a distributor and offer them a slice of the revenues!


Routenote are one of the only distributors who take a percentage of artists earnings, so its obvious why they dont want to distribute to Last FM, as they dont earn any money from it.
Its a rip off

Steven Finch

RouteNote are not the only distributors that take a percentage. We are the only service that offers our service for FREE upfront, CDBaby take 9% revenues, The Orchard take approx 30%, plus both charge upfront fees!

RouteNote stopped our Last.fm partnership because we simply weren't needed. Artists could go direct to Last.fm and have full control over their music and earn royalties. We are in the market of helping artists worldwide! Not Profiteering!

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