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Social Music Store Launches In Beta

Billed as "a  digital music environment powered by social networking technologies" New online music store used this week's NARM Convention in Chicago to launch its public beta.  Immergent's offering includes:
  • 8
    image from M songs from all four major and 80,000+ independent record labels
  • Social networking: Chat functionality enables fans and artists to connect via text, voice, or video.
  • User generated content: Fans and artists can share and buy playlists and other user generated content.
  • Search and music discovery.
  • Tour dates

Available now, the beta version of Immergent includes search, find, and buy music functionality, as well as chat with each other and artists. Later this year, the company will implement a proprietary Business Intelligence and Analytics tool that will offer record label access to key, customized data. Also scheduled to launch is iMMerge, a distinctive offering for emerging music artists.

“How people connect with each other and how they buy music continues to evolve. Immergent is poised to capitalize on this time of transition – and will grow with the needs and desires of an ever-increasingly sophisticated online community,” according to CEO John Trickett. “Immergent offers a compelling alternative to music lovers who want to buy, hang out, discover, and share online.”

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  1. Seems like a pretty cool model but the real question that determines the success of sites like these is what the pricing details are in favor of the artists. I noticed that they have some lower priced sales as well through purchasing of top playlists by certain users. How is this facilitated and what return does the artist see from this?

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