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Video: How To Use New Facebook Privacy Controls

Yesterday, Facebook released a new set of privacy settings and controls, and the always on guard Electronic Frontier Foundation has produced this instructional video to show how to use them. The EFF suggests using the most private settings, which if adopted by users, would make it much more difficult for guerrilla marketers to add new "friends". 

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  1. The real trouble with Facebook and their data gathering methods is that they also mine data of email adresses who are not their customers and that nobody is allowed or able to delete their data from Facebook’s servers. Facebook’s algorithms are obviously doing web searches for those email adresses that are not their customers, checking if they find them mentioned on the same page as email adresses or names of Facebook users so they can send out invitation emails, linking these email adresses in the process.
    Bruce, when looking at that Facebook logo above this comments box, I wonder if my email adress is being passed on to them as well. Does your blogging software do that?

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