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Vote: Should EMI Be Saved?

We should learn this week if EMI is going fall into the hands of creditor Citi or continue to operate as an independent company. But should EMI be saved? When companies like EMI are sold off in pieces many good people loose their jobs and artists careers are stalled if not ruined. But is the day of the major label over? Or do we still need big labels to deliver big hits and create stadium level artists?

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    “Too big to fail” doesn’t apply to the music biz. If EMI goes under, the rest of the economy won’t even blink. There are smaller groups doing a better job simply by being smart and not over-leveraged. But maybe Robbie Williams will release his next record and it will be a monster success, and I’ll eat my words and admit the old way was better.

  2. B.o.B takes US number one with year’s lowest tally
    A fortnight after topping the Hot 100 with his debut single Nothin’ On You, rapper B.o.B. debuts atop the album chart with his introductory set, B.o.B. Presents The Adventures Of Bobby Ray. The album sold 84,000 copies to secure its lofty perch – the lowest winning tally thus far this year but 8,000 more than EMI’s Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now, which remains at number two.
    EMI’s Antebellum’s Need You Now 76000???????.
    Maybe Guy should get now while the gettin’s good.

  3. light a match and let the pompass money pilfiring grab asses that have monopolized the music industry burn with the rest of them.
    Old school ethics and neanderthal bands (bob dylan?….the beatles….common hows about some new stuff,and not ancient crap that nobody gives a giant rats ass about)
    are not worth saving……dump the company,and expand it into a new organization based on a new business model to move forward…..

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