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WMG’s Edgar Bronfman Jr. Subject Of Tell All Book

"Fortune's Fool" To Be Released July 13th

image from WMG CEO will be getting the dreaded tell all book treatment this summer when Fortune's Fool: Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Warner Music, and an Industry in Crisis is released by Simon & Schuster.  Authored by Fred Goodman, best known for the unflattering music business exposé The Mansion on the Hill: Dylan, Young, Geffen, Springsteen, and the Head-on Collision of Rock and Commerce, Fortune's Fool explores the demise of major label system and Bronfman's pivital role both at Universal and Warner Music.

Kirkus Review is calling Fortune's Fool a “compellingly told story of the Seagram heir’s music-business adventures at Universal and Warner Music, and what went terribly wrong… Especially engrossing is his account of Warner’s catastrophic decline under corporate hatchet men Robert Morgado and Michael Fuchs. The executives who played key roles in the latter-day fortunes of Universal and Warner—canny vet Doug Morris, rap-savvy combatants Jimmy Iovine and Lyor Cohen – are all sharply delineated."

Goodman's previous book The Mansion on the Hill won the Ralph Gleason Music Book Award for the best title of 1997. His writing appears in Rolling Stone (where he was an editor), The New York Times, and many national magazines. In 1993 – six years before Napster – Goodman’s cover story for Musician Magazine, “Future Shocks: The End of the Music Business As We Know It,” predicted the rise of downloading and the extraordinary ramifications the development would have for record companies and musicians.

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  1. I look forward to this. The Mansion on the Hill was one of the most informative books I’ve read about the music business and about business music.

  2. Can’t wait! Mansion is easily one of the best books ever written about the music business. Goodman should have won an honorary grammy for debunking the Springsteen mythos alone.

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