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23% Of Mobile Users Now Have A Smartphone

image from But Music Is Not A Top Use

New Nielsen data from Q1 2010 shows that 23% of mobile consumers now have a smartphone, up from just 16% in Q2 2009. Between Q4 ’09 and Q1 ’10, Android and iPhone’s share of the smartphone market grew 2% each. Smartphone leader Blackberry lost 2% share to fall to 35% and Windows Mobile lost 2% falling to 19%.

But music is not yet one of smartphone users top activities. According to the study, iPhone customers are more likely to have downloaded or play a game,  and Android users users were more likely to engage in file-transfer activities like downloading ringtones, pictures, wallpaper and uploads. For all platforms, both streaming and downloading music is comparatively low on the list.

Chart: Top Smartphone Activities 

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  1. So is this Nielsen data as reliable as their other charts?
    Definitely doesn’t mesh with my experience, most folks I know still can’t afford these…

  2. Most everyone I know has a smartphone, but not me. I think they have a huge proliferation in major cities (every other person I see walking down the street in NYC seems to have one), but those people also assume everyone else has one, as well. You should see the shock in their faces when you tell them MOST people won’t shell out that kind of dough for a toy.

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