Gogoyoko Mixes Music, Social Networking, Direct Sales And 100% Payments To Artists

image from images.vimeo.comGogoyoko is a new online music store and social network based on a concept they've dubbed Fair Play In Music. Artists and labels receive 100% of music sales and a 40% share of ad revenue from streaming. The site also encourages donations to charity and offers tools for artists to promote and sell directly to fans.

Here of Goggi from Sigur Ros talks about the current state of the music business, releasing records, the digital download market and gogoyoko.

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  1. Well said Georg!
    “the artists have been doing the work through a label who get the benefit – very bizarre”
    Yet google keyword stats show that the phrase “how to get a record deal” is still heavily searched.
    It seems that new artists who haven’t learned from experience are still thinking old school.

  2. Lovely stuff! A big thank you from all here at gogoyoko.com for including us on this. Much appreciated.
    If anyone has any questions about gogoyoko then feel free to contact us at any time
    Hope your doing fantastically well,

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