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Half-Life Of A YouTube Video Is Just 6 Days

(Updated) The average YouTube video gets gets 50% of its views in the first 6 days after it is uploaded, according to TubeMogul  via Silicon Valley Insider. After 20 days, a YouTube video has had 75% of its total views and the average video lifespan is probably getting shorter. In 2008, it took 14 days for a video to reach 50% of its views and 44 days to hit 75%. Lesson to marketers: post early and often.

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  1. YouTube videos should be perfect examples of the Long Tail. It looks that this report suggests the opposite.

  2. Is this from the time of posting, or the time of ‘going viral’? Certainly there are videos that could go viral that just haven’t been ‘discovered’ and shared…

  3. this is a chart for all videos. its completely different in different genres/content-types/subjects-of-interest.

  4. Also this chart is more to do with the way YouTube built in promotions work than anything. This kind of trending is part of the mechanics of YouTube in the first place.

  5. In contrast, the half life of a really good song can be up to a person’s whole life in individual cases.